Atlas Medical FZCO is one of the most reputed companies in United Arab Emirates established in operating in the field of Ophthalmic Equipments, accessories and consumables.

We represent multiple manufacturing companies like Topcon(Japan), Bausch & Lomb Surgicals (USA/France/Germany), Iridex(USA), Volk Optical (USA), Sonomed (USA), Haag-Streit Clement Clarke (UK) and Lumenis (USA)

We are authorized to market, quote and sell on behalf of the above principal companies by distributorship agreement. Our goal is to provide the most innovative equipments and to exceed the expectations of the client by offering outstanding customer service.

We have highly qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians trained in Japan, Germany, and France etc. We provide on-site application and technical training to our customers. We resolve any issues that arise when the client initiates the usage of our products in a live setting.

We have a dedicated back office team to ensure the customer service. Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service on time.

We are one of the dominant players in the market controlling the largest share of Ophthalmological equipments. Our sister concern “Atlas Medical Equipment Trading L.L.C’s key customers are Ministry of Health (U.A.E) & SEHA (Government of Abu Dhabi). DHA (Government of Dubai), some of the most important chain of hospitals and medical centers. We are selling both in U.A.E. economic zone as well as free zones. Most of our imports happen from the following countries Japan, USA, Germany, France, U.K.

Our equipments that we are supplying to Hospitals, Clinic and Optical shops is designed for ophthalmologic examination such as refraction unit, variety of slit lamp and keratometary, tonometry to measure pressure of the eye, retinoscopy by retinal camera and OCT as well as all relevant software’s used for refraction units. In short we deal with most of the diagnostic systems which ophthalmologist needs to diagnosis majority of the disease in relation with eye (both anterior cornea and posterior Retina)

We are also dealing for post diagnostic equipments that allow the ophthalmologist to treat the diseases or disorder. For this purpose we facilitate all the hospitals, clinics, and ophthalmologist to treat anterior part of the eye for phaco surgery by providing them phacoemulcification system as well as refraction treatment or vision correction systems such as Excimer Laser. In order to treat the anterior segment disorder, we provide Yag Laser, SLT Lasers. For posterior segment, we are providing photocoagulator especially for diabetic diagnosed patients. We equip Operation room with system and equipments such as Phaco, Vitrectomy machine and disposables as well as various microscopes for eye surgery. We supply Intra Ocular Lenses which is needed during Phaco surgery. Stainless Steel and Titanium instruments for eye surgeries are from Bausch & Lomb STORZ. We deal with biometry and AB Scan for sonography of eye which is US branded and FDA approved. We also deal with medical cameras and monitor from Sony medical for teaching purpose. In relation with optical shops we are happy to announce that majority of the U.A.E. optical shops are equipped by us with fully furnished testing room equipments to be used by optometrist and optician for preliminary diagnosis and refraction.

For the optical outlets we have a machine that is cutting glass lenses known as Lens Edging Machine which is used by all the optical shops to fix relevant lenses in the prescription glass frames.

We would like to announce that we are distributing all the items in relation with ophthalmic department from United States and Japan and most of the countries of Europe with highest standard marks such as FDA, CA, TUV, and various kinds of ISO certification.